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An Lac Building   2008-01-01 - Vietnam Real Estate



Ideal site

An Lac building locate on Bui tu Toan – Kinh Duong Vuong crossroad, is the main axis  that connect to the city center.

In the administrative center area- Binh Tan economic area, with the traffic system and the infrastructure system were constructed completely.

Modern Building

An Lac building has 2 single blocks with 14 floors

In there:

Basement: using for parking vehicle and cars

Ground floor: for public, services and supermarket

1-14th floor: for apartments, area from 65-85 sqm

Convenient apartment

.The apartment is designed on modern standard: living-room, bedroom, dinning-room, balcon, drying-yard...All rooms are naturally shining in order to create an airy comfortable living space.

With many various types of  apartments, area 65-85 sqm, get standard of a modern apartment.

The ground floor area is used for kinder garden, supermarket and public services, which serve the need of apartments’owner

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