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The Mansion Condo Building   2008-01-01 - Vietnam Real Estate




The Mansion Building locates on Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phong Phu village, Binh Chanh district. Surrounding the project, there are public high quality advantages;such as, French-Vietnam hospital, Heart Intsitution, RMIT international university, International Fair Center, Coopmart supermarket and many commercial centers, entertainment areas were  and being built.

Modern Building

According to the design, the building locates on large area 45.000sqm, includes 3 blocks A, B, C from, 15-18 floors, with about 1.100 apartments, area 83-101sqm

Convenient apartment

For the low constructive density, only 26% , so the project has clear space for constructing public works as internal street, green park, commercial area, swimming pool, tennis court...

Not only has beautiful sight and a favourable position, but the Mansion also has a special point, that is Intelligent Apartments. From modern equipments were ready installed, the owner of the Mansion apartment can set up automatic program forl light, electric equipment...

“People live in the Mansion building will be given a VIP card. This is one kind which is set up software system which can help the owner can be flexible to create many different working modes for machines, equipments that are suitable with space, time and using purpose absolutely”, Ms.Nguyen Thi Bich Thao, marketing and sale manager of company said.

For example, with the installed program, electric light system will automatically open or close according to the owner’s wish. In detail, when you come into toilet, the light will immediately open, the fan will also operate and automatically stop as coming out. Equally, in the evening, when going home, you come up the corridor, the light system will automatically turn on.

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